Biodiversity Profiling for the Ancestral Domain of the Kulaman Manobo Dulangan Association (KMDA)

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) was commissioned by the Tri-People Concern for Peace, Progress and Development in Mindanao (TRICOM) to conduct a
biodiversity profiling within the ancestral domain (AD) of the Kulaman Manobo-Dulangan tribe at Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat.

With researchers from the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH), TRICOM staff, and Manobo Dulangan co-researchers, a field expedition from September 7 to 26, 2009 was conducted with the following objectives: (i) document the species richness and relative abundance of forest vertebrates inside the AD; (ii) take photos of wildlife and habitats; (iii) identify threats to forests and wildlife inside the AD; and (iv) provide recommendations for biodiversity conservation within the domain.

The results of our expedition strongly suggest that the AD is also a critical habitat for Philippine biodiversity.

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