Overcoming Hopelessness: The Tboli-Ubo of Sitio Kadang’s Journey Towards Change

TRICOM, Inc. has been in the forefront of Ancestral Domain Claim (ADC) of the Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao. For the last 10-years it engaged not only in the claiming process of five (5) assisted communities but also in the social preparation of the communities to manage their ancestral domains.

For the Tboli-Ubo Dawing-Kandang clan- theirs was an arduous and tireless effort in doing the follow-up and waiting that the remaining ancestral lands they have been claiming would finally be theirs. And indeed it is now at the last phase- the awarding of their ancestral land title. Finally owning their land will secure their place as a proud IP in Mindanao and ensure the protection and development of their territory.

It is our hope that the land claiming experience of DAKCO and the subsequent improvement of their life could be a learning experience and adopted in other ADC areas in Mindanao.

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