Blending business success with peace

Datu Angkay Omot, 62 years old, coffee farmer and producer from Barangay Midtungok, Municipality of Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat, recalls emphatically the events that took place way back in the 1960s when coffee is first introduced in their place. Datu Angkay, as his fellow villagers from the Manobo-Dulangan tribe call him, adopted and cultivated […]

Biodiversity Profiling for the Ancestral Domain of the Kulaman Manobo Dulangan Association (KMDA)

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) was commissioned by the Tri-People Concern for Peace, Progress and Development in Mindanao (TRICOM) to conduct a biodiversity profiling within the ancestral domain (AD) of the Kulaman Manobo-Dulangan tribe at Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat. With researchers from the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH), TRICOM staff, and Manobo Dulangan […]

Overcoming Hopelessness: The Tboli-Ubo of Sitio Kadang’s Journey Towards Change

TRICOM, Inc. has been in the forefront of Ancestral Domain Claim (ADC) of the Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao. For the last 10-years it engaged not only in the claiming process of five (5) assisted communities but also in the social preparation of the communities to manage their ancestral domains. For the Tboli-Ubo Dawing-Kandang clan- theirs […]

Makailas Upper Watershed Land Use Plan

A co-initiative of the Manobo Dulangan communities in Kulaman (Senator Ninoy Aquino Municipality) and the Tri-people Concern for Peace, Progress, and Development of Mindanao, Incorporated (TRICOM, Inc.) for the conservation of the Makailas Mountain Range. In formulating the Makailas Upper Watershed Area Management Zoning / Land Use Plan, it aims to locate the nature and […]