Core Program

Building Synergies, Strengthening Indigenous Governance Rights in Tri-People Communities. A political and economic governance program that supports the individual and combined interests of Lumad, Moro and Christian settlers in rural areas. It continues to pursue ancestral claims (of both Lumad and Moro) as well as support and protect the land rights claims of Christian settlers

Support Programs

1. Sustainable Livelihood in Tri-People Communities

At the core of the program is the promotion of appropriate technologies for sustainable production and the establishment of joint venture of social enterprises that adhere to the triple bottom line principles of profitability, sustainability and environmental protection. In certain areas, this program promotes certain commodities (like coffee in Sultan Kudarat and abaca in Sarangani) as anchor commodities for scaled up livelihoods.

2. Promotion of Cultural Identity

The program shall ensure the provision of adequate space for cultural expression and expression of group and individual identity within IP communities and the respect and recognition that should be accorded to indi-genous communities.

3. Natural Resource Management

This program shall frame resource management within larger society advocacies to promote co-governance and stakeholder participation in the management of natural resources. The program can also seize the opportunity of making known the vulnerabilities of the IP and upland communities to climate change induced disaters and can use the same as platform for engagements
with LGUs national agencies and NGOs involved in disaster risk reduction and environmental protection work.

Cross-Cutting Interventions

Cutting across all programs are compelling issues and challenges. Addressing such should permeate all program activities.

Peace building and conflict transformation

Program application takes the form of advocacy or capacity development in conflict analysis, peace promotion, peace education, conflict transformation and mediation. The overall objective would be the restoration of social trust and strengthening of social social cohesion between and among ethnic groups in Mindanao.

Promotion of identity and rights

Program application takes the form of multi-media advocacy, popular education and legal work to promote ethnic identity and rights, children’s rights, women’s rights.